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In a town called Susu, there lived a lovely beautiful lady named IFE. IFE grew up in a family of seven; including her parents and 4 siblings (3 males and 1 female). IFE was the first child and first daughter of her family. She was loved by everyone because of her good behavior and character amidst her cultured greeting habit and mannerism.

IFE was hardworking, jovial, bold and eloquent in speech. Her eloquency was as a result of her studious habit as she has been known to always take the first position from nursery school days down to secondary. Few months after IFE graduated from college, she got admitted into one of the prestigious institutions of higher learning to study Medicine and surgery. IFe became the talk of the town as everyone sang her praises and this brought joy to her parents as they saw their daughter making them proud.
IFE’s family will be classified as an average family in terms of wealth as they were neither poor nor rich. They never lacked food or clothes but then they didn’t have all the luxury of life. IFE’s family was therefore so glad as their dreams to exude an average lifestyle into and extravagant lifestyle was coming to pass through IFE.

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IFE’s father promised to train IFE till she is done with medical schools amidst providing her all she needs to be at least comfortable in medical school.

IFE started school and moved to the hostel where she lived till she conclude her studies. IFE was really doing well in her studies that she was recognized by her colleagues and recommended by her lectures. IFE’s result was top notch and she never stopped being the best.

One day, a bad incidence happened to IFE. It all started with her submitting her class test sheets to a lecturer in his office. She went alone yet her innocence followed her. On reaching the office, the lecturer tried taking advantage of her, he forced her to sleep with him. IFE dragged with him until no strength was left in her and the only option left was to give in. But then, IFE couldn’t see herself being raped by a man old enough to be her father, so she decided not to let it happen, even if she has to die for the course.

With this, she let out a shout calling the attention of passerbys which made the lecturer let her go for dear of being caused and sanctioned. Luckily for IFE, the door of the office wasn’t locked, so she ran out panting and gasping for breath.

Few weeks later, IFE met another doom on her way back from Night class.

Watch out for what happened next?

©️ God’stime Ogechi Benjamin 


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