“HOW TO BE A MODERN APOSTLE” By Judah Olorunmaiye.

First you need a good media profile, Your picture and name must portray superiority and mystism.

If you have “common” name like John or Tunde, change it to something more captivating like Shamariah or Wilberforce.
“Apostle Shamariah” certainly sounds more Authentic than “Apostle Tunde”

Then look for a picture where your pose depicts Glory and Power, and if you can’t get any personal picture to that effect, use Eagle or Lion, Or The combination of the two beasts.

Also, make sure you leave your local church and start a Network, Remember that an Apostle can’t be under a Pastor.
Setting up a network is not hard, just look for a hall that can host your meetings and make sure there’s always a camera to capture people who fall under power.

The next thing you need to do is to associate with other established Apostles.
Go to their media posts and comment by using associative phrases like…”God bless you Bro” and “You’re right my brother”
Any opportunity to take a photograph with them must never be missed, then make sure you post it as a proof that you belong.

The other thing to do is to make sure that your messages are always mysterious.
Every sermon title should contain that Apostolic phrase “The Mystery”

Instead of saying…”How to be an effective Leader” rather say….”The Mystery of Effective Leadership”, I hope you understand?

Then listen closely to established Apostles and use their language.

Instead of saying “Purpose”, say “Ordination”
Instead of saying “Opening”, Say “Portal”
Instead of saying “level” Say “Frequency”

Then lastly, never forget to always reference the Immortals.
They must be the recipient of every honour and the motivation of every action.
Indeed, the Immortals must be heard above all, after them then we can spare a few minutes for the Lord Jesus.

Congratulations, you have entered into the Realm of “Modern Apostleship”

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