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RELATIONSHIP: Richy Walter Speaks On The Importance Of Making A Request Early Enough


This is going to be a long read but then it’s worth it, so follow me closely and patiently.

A lot have been said about relationships both the ones that are acceptable and otherwise.

But then, the truth of the matter is that whether you choose to believe it or not, dating/courtship is a major factor.

You may want to argue based on the fact that God prepared Eve already made and brought her to Adam, but then that is judging from another stand point which is entirely different from this matter.

Just in case you do not understand let me explain briefly.
Adam was created as a full fleshed man, likewise Eve, a full fleshed woman and so because of that, they need not go through the process of growth, even in stature.

This is totally unlike us today.
After the creation of Adam and Eve, we were all given birth to as infants, we grew up into different stages until our present stage, and so we all have different character traits.

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Based on this truth, I can boldly tell you that you can not get married to a total stranger, someone you didn’t know how he/she grew up, and expect a very sweet marriage. Therefore, it is very safe to say that courtship/dating before marriage is very important.

Whether it is for 2weeks, 1month, 6months, or 1year before marriage, it is very helpful, so that to a reasonable extent you will be able to get to know this person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Now, in as much as dating/courtship is important, to avoid mistakes, you should make sure God Is involved from the very beginning of the process, so He can effectively guide you through making the right decisions.

Making a choice and making the right choice are two different things entirely. Hence, the fear of making the wrong choice often makes people feel or want to posit that dating/courtship before marriage is bad, is a sin or what have you.

Asides the issues of dating and getting to date the right person, another very important thing that I believe is very critical is the right timing for the request of your life partner. YES! One thing that this right timing does is that it saves you from fear of the unknown, I mean the fear of what if this, what if that and so on and so forth. Early ORDER equals Early DELIVERY.

Telling God about your future partner and placing your order early enough gives you time to becarefully sensitive to perceive when he or she finally comes because you can’t open or explore the package until it is duly purchased.

This timing issue is the reason why many people get to 45 or 50 years and become desperate, so that they are ready to settle for whatever comes forth,which they will eventually tag “THE WILL OF GOD” as they are running out of time already, and most times, marriages like this do not stand the test of time and this is because there’s no atom of understanding that has already been built before they were captured by the raging storm of marriage.

I have always said this and I will keep saying it to everyone who cares to listen.If you start talking to God about your life partner at 18, it’s not too late, even though you didn’t begin early enough.

See ehnn, like I said in one of my posts lately, there are two critical decisions in every man’s life; the decision of who you will spend the rest of your life with here on earth (PHYSICAL ETERNITY) and the decision of where you will end up after your life here on earth (SPIRITUAL ETERNITY).

Now, just as the talk about Spiritual Eternity is not reserved for a specific age bracket, that’s how it is with the talk about Physical Eternity. In other words, anyone that knows the difference between good and bad can actually accept Jesus and can discuss kingdom matters, in the same vein, anyone that can differentiate between good and bad should start talking to God concerning the kind of woman/ man he or she wants to have as a partner.

Yes, we are talking about God’s will but you see, this is a partnership affair and if you really are aligned to God’s plan for your life, when you are talking to God, you won’t be carnally minded.

Don’t let anyone deceive you, God knows just what you need even before you ask. Be bold,yes, be very bold. You are conversing with your father, so do not fret or be ashamed. Tell him what you need, yes, that thing that you are thinking now, that’s it.

It’s not a sin. I repeat, don’t let anyone deceive you!!!
Sometimes, one of the major reasons people cheat or commit adultery in marriages is because they didn’t marry their taste or what we call spec.

If I want to place an order for a phone for instance, I will first check for the specifications and be sure of what I am expecting, so that it won’t be a case of “WHAT YOU ORDERED” vs “WHAT YOU GOT”. That’s exactly the way it is with the subject here.

Ladies, if you need a man that is tall, short, average, with a long, short, or medium mantle,broad or normal chest, short or long beards, and what have you, tell it to God while praying, yes.

Gentlemen, if you need a lady that is tall, short, average, with big, small or medium manchester and barca, please mention it specifically to God.

Just the same way you specify the Spiritual Qualities, (they are plenty and you know them) don’t forget to specify these Physical qualities too.

If Jumia can give you what you ordered for, how much more your Heavenly Father, Our God Is Not A Scammer.

This may sound weird but still say it anyway and save yourself the stress of not being satisfied when you eventually get married to this person and you get to see the package you ordered for.

You see, many people might want to argue this but before y’all kick off your arguments, I would love you to understand that there is a fact here and there is a truth as well.

The fact is that whatever I am writing here has been tested and trusted and can as well beret ested if need be, to clarify any forthcoming doubts and the truth is that there are only two things involved. It’s either you agree to all I just said and save yourself from what we call heart breaks/ disappointments or you disagree now to agree later after you must have gone through a series of heart breaks.

The choice is yours to make.

Blessings!!! 🙇


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