Music minister Asu Ekiye took to his Facebook page to express his disappointment over secular song’s being played consistently at gospel wedding. He said

It’s a pity that church folks don’t have love songs and dance songs for social events any more . Believers are helpless. They can’t but use secular songs for their weddings and social events and yet the church system would make you all believe that once it is not worship song, sorry slow solemn song, it is not spiritual .Who said that?

The worship bug is killing other genre of gospel music and that era is about to end. Where is our gospel rap, reggae or hip songs? Praise singers are carnal people. So we all must concoct “by force” tongues into our worship package to sound spiritual.
Notice that most songs coming out from the gospel community now sound alike. It must all start with string instrument and some “kabosh” for embelishment and to create that ambience. It is a useless culture.
Listen: All songs inspired by God are spiritual irrespective of the genre.

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